DeliveryWorks - Terms & Conditions

We provide a service whereby the provision of a code allows access to your box by the courier on a single use (within a 10 minute window) basis. Our responsibility is to provide you the code so that you can forward it to people who you want to send you stuff, be it a retailer or a relative.

We are not responsible (nor would you expect us to be) for the following:

These issues mentioned above, are all problems of daily life. We think our system will help you from a convenience point of view, but cannot be responsible for the bad behaviour or fraud of others.

Having said all this, should the box stop working, we will be pleased to help you, from advising you how to use a master code, to advice on changing batteries, to providing a replacement box. All of the above depend on the circumstances you find yourself in, so do not hesitate to email us if there is a problem on, quoting your unique box ID or customer number.