DeliveryWorks - while you are out ...

DeliveryWorks’ innovative home delivery and collection solution frees you from the constraints imposed by postal and courier deliveries and package collections.

No complex and expensive installation – just screw the box to a solid fixture. No internet, phone or other connection to the box required. No more waiting in to receive that package or handover the return to the carrier. No more cards on the doormat announcing yet another “attempted” (failed!) delivery or collection and no more Saturday mornings in the queue at that inconveniently located collection or drop-off depot. Deliveries and collections can be made to your box at any time of the day or night safely, simply and securely. Our innovation, DeliveryWorks – while you are out………


DeliveryWorks - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a box cost?
You can currently buy a DeliveryWorks Box for £79.99 including postage (normally £194.99+p&p) from our eBay site whilst our introductory offer lasts, click here to buy DeliveryWorks on eBay.

Alternatively the box is available for a monthly subscription of £4.99 via credit card. Click here to subscribe, complete your details and select the “Monthly Subscription” from the Box Options drop-down. All options provide unlimited delivery and collection labels

How do I become a DeliveryWorks user?
Simply order a box via our website and follow the instructions. As soon as you have registered and positioned the box you are ready to start receiving your packages.

How do I install the box?
4 screws into a solid fixing – that’s it! No cables, power supply, Wi-Fi, Blue-Tooth or other connection required. Detailed installation instructions are available on your Control Panel when you are logged in.

How can I pay DeliveryWorks?
By credit card through our secure payment web-site.

How do I tell the person sending me a package I have a DeliveryWorks box?
Just generate the transaction-unique label at the Deliveryworks website and email it to them. Alternatively, put the transaction-unique keycode for the package into the suppliers “Special Instructions” field of the order page. You can even enter the Keycode and instructions as a line of your address!

How long will the batteries in the lock last?
The Deliveryworks lock uses a CR123A battery, readily available on the High Street or on-line. When the first didget of any code is entered into a lock with a full power battery the green light flashes. A green and amber light will flash when the first didget is entered in a lock with a low power battery and this battery should be replaced as soon as possible. 
1. Open your box, using either your PAC number or, if necessary because the battery has completely failed, the mechanical key supplied, referring to the installation instructions on this web=site for details of how the box is secured.
2. When the door is open, remove the single small screw securing the lock backplate. BE CAREFUL not to lose the screw!
3. Two battery holders are visible and two batteries may be installed in your lock. The lock only requires one new battery to be fully functional and the new battery can be placed in either holder.
4. Be sure to insert the new battery within 30 seconds of removing the old one.
5. Replace the backplate with the single screw.
6. Test the lock with your PAC.

How do I open my box to collect my parcel?
The registered owner of the box gets a master code or pin number – that will always open the box.

What happens if I forget my pin number?
We’ll send a pin-number to the email address you registered.

What happens if I move house?
Just take the box with you and amend your account details on the DeliveryWorks website.

What if I want to move the box at my house?
Dead easy, just change the “Box Location” details on your DeliveryWorks account.

Is there a DeliveryWorks app?
Yes, there is an app for creating delivery and collection tokens. Details of how to install the app on your mobile or tablet device are available on your Control Panel when you are logged in.

Registered in the UK - Delivery Works Limited, Suite 307, High Holborn, London WC1V 6DR - Reg No 05224715