DeliveryWorks - while you are out ...

DeliveryWorks’ innovative home delivery and collection solution frees you from the constraints imposed by postal and courier deliveries and package collections.

No complex and expensive installation – just screw the box to a solid fixture. No internet, phone or other connection to the box required. No more waiting in to receive that package or handover the return to the carrier. No more cards on the doormat announcing yet another “attempted” (failed!) delivery or collection and no more Saturday mornings in the queue at that inconveniently located collection or drop-off depot. Deliveries and collections can be made to your box at any time of the day or night safely, simply and securely. Our innovation, DeliveryWorks – while you are out………


DeliveryWorks - the Environment

In this day and age we should all be aware of the threats to the well-being of our planet and our duty to protect its life support system.

As the growth of internet sales mushroom then so do the environmental costs of delivering the purchases and the DeliveryWorks solutions help you and your suppliers to reduce the impact of the transactions:

DeliveryWorks – First time delivery every time: Minimise wasted delivery-van journeys attempting second, third and even fourth attempt drop offs. Save fuel and emissions.

DeliveryWorks – Efficient route planning: Minimise wasted driving, fuel consumption and emissions on inefficient delivery routes prioritised by inconvenient delivery windows.

DeliveryWorks – Efficient parcel collection: Minimise individual trips to the despatch centre, have your parcel collected from your home by your chosen courier and reduce journeys, fuel and emissions.

With a solution that genuinely reduces the adverse environmental impact of the parcel delivery industry DeliveryWorks undertakes to work with suppliers, contractors and customers to minimise any adverse environmental impact of the company’s operations.

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